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Facilities and Equipment

Processing Equipment

Analytical Equipment

Part Production



Part Production                         Method of Production

SLM 125 Laser Powder Bed Fusion
SLM 280 Laser Powder Bed Fusion
ExOne Innovent+ Binder Jet
Prussa i3 MK3S FDM
Die Press CIP

Processing equipment

High vacuum arc melting furnace  
High temperature and high vacuum sintering furnace  
Centorr high vacuum/inert gas hot-press (2000oC)  
Vertical Quenching Furnace  
Various heat treating furnaces and ovens  
Rotary evaporator, for drying wet milled powders  
Spray Dryer  
Leaching System   
Laminate press  


Analytical instruments 

Particle characterization equipment; Flowability, BET, Tap Density, Apparent Density, Particle Size Analyzer
High temperature scanning differential calorimeter
Scanning electron microscope
Scanning TEM (JEOL 2000 FX II)
X-ray diffraction unit (D5000 Siemens)
Inductively coupled plasma spectrometer (Perkin-Elmer)
Electron microprobe
Confocal microscopy unit # Mechanical Testing
Computer controlled Instron tester with controlled-atmosphere furnace
Hardness testers (Vickers micro and macro-hardness tester, and Digital Rockwell tester)
LECO TCH 600 (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen Analysis)
LECO C/S 2300 (Carbon, Sulfur Analysis)
Fatigue testing facility
Sample Polishing and Mounting System 
Metal Sample Saw



Last Updated: 9/1/23