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Undergraduate research assistants

Jarom Chamberlain

JaromJarom was introduced to metallurgical engineering by his father. Now alost through his undergraduate degreee, Jarom has become very fond of Powder Metallurgy and its various applications. He began work on the Tungsten Carbide project by polishing and mounting drill bit samples for analysis. He later joined the Titanium group were he now assists with charcterization of Titanium powders. 

In his spare time he enjoys swimming, waterpolo and tennis. 

Munro Alley

Munro began working in the Powder Metallurgy Research Lab May 2018. He is currently assisting with the powder production process of GSD. 

He enjoys camping hiking and in the outdoors.

Collin Andersen

collinCollin began working for Dr. Fang in summer of 2018. He assists with powder production and other laboratory tasks. 

He enjoys drawing and spending time with family.

Cj Roberts

CjCj is studying Manufacturing Engineering at Weber State University. This summer (18) is his first summer working with Powder Metallurgy.

He enjoys welding, powder coating, and spending time outdoors.

Dustyn Roberts 

Dustyn is currently attending Utah State University studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science and Aerospace Studies. He is working with Dr. Fang over the summers doing lab work with Titanium.

He enjoys hunting, archery, and off-roading. 

Jesh BarnettJesh Barnett

Jesh worked on our team as an undergraduate on the tungsten project for fusion reactors. He helped graduate students with tasks such as milling nano powders, spray drying powder, diluting acids and bases, etc. He is currently working on one of the titanium projects.

In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his dogs and off-roading. 

Last Updated: 5/14/21