U Metallurgical Engineering
Powder Metallurgy Research Lab

Cutting-edge Powder Metallurgy Research and Innovation

Established in 2002 at the University of Utah, the powder metallurgy research group seeks to advance the fundamental understanding and technology of advanced metallic inorganic materials based on powders or manufactured from powders. The thrusts of our research activities encompass synthesis, processing, consolidation, properties, and applications of powder and sintered-powder materials.

As a guiding theme to our research, we recognize energy needs represent one of the greatest obstacles to the sustainable progress of mankind. We thus deliberately develop projects and expertise that contribute to technological and industrial advancement in the areas of energy related materials, including materials for energy efficiency, energy storage and production. Our work is focused on applying knowledge of materials science in general, and powder materials in particular, to address the challenges of energy and environmental issues from a material perspective.

As a research group with strong engineering background, we focus on cutting edge innovative applied research. We strive to engage in projects that are based on novel concepts and new approaches that are high risk -high reward. We believe our mission is to develop materials technologies that originate in science, but, have clear paths to commercial applications that will impact the life and environment of our society.

Specifically, our group focuses on the following three areas:

Specific projects under these three categories are described in respective pages, and short descriptions of two other projects can be found here.

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